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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Geoglossum glutinosum and Hygrocybe mucronella.

 Geoglossum glutinosum Glutinous Earthtongue.
Nigel Stringer left a packet with this at my house.  The fb stuck to the paper and microscopy showed long spores with 3 - 7 septa ---- mainly having 3 or 4 septa.  Most Geoglossum species I find have 7 or more septa so this was a new one for me.
I had to look at his small lawn to get a picture.  The shiny glutinous covering shows in the photo. 

Before I spotted the Geoglossum I found these small waxcaps --- Hygrocybe mucronella Bitter Waxcap.  The distinct bitter taste can usually be detected by placing the tip of the tongue on the cap (easier if the a fb is picked!).

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  1. Where were they found Philip? Both are new species to me.