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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Schizophillum commune ---- Splitgill

 Thresa Greenaway sent me the upper photo of a fungus on an old Ash stump (from Felingwm) as she was not sure what it might be.  It has a 'fluffy' cap surface and an uneven cap margin.  I thought it might be Splitgill, Schizophillym commune but needed a photo of the gills to be sure.  Theresa sent me a nice photo of the underside showing the gills ---- the longitudinal split can be seen with several gills of the fb on the left.  The gill structure is rather complicated and not just a simple split.
I first found Splitgill on a bamboo (beanpole) in my garden and, for some years, it was commonly found on black silage bales.  This seems less common as the plastic wrapping now used has improved.  As well as silage bales and bamboo, it has been found on wood of many broadleaf tree species and from all over the world.
It was found that a specimen dried for 50years shed spores after rehydration.
This is an oportunistic fungus with reports of infection in animals (dogs) and humans. The unfortunate patients were already seriously ill.  Such infections are very rare. 

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  1. I saw this growing out of silage bales over the Christmas. Beautiful.