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Thursday, 17 December 2015


The fact that the rain has been pretty much relentless for the last month, should have meant lots of fruiting bodies appearing in the wood. In fact the opposite has been the case!
 Very little has appeared apart from a few Mycena and a second crop of Lepista nuda. However, today I did come across two species of Oyster mushrooms. The top picture is the Common Oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus. When the books say " highly variable" they are not exaggerating, I've come across a whole variety of cap colours which can be quite confusing. Fortunately these specimens are the pale lilac colour most often depicted in the books. 

The second picture is another Oyster, this time Panellus serotinus, the Olive Oysterling. However this time the specimen seems to lack the more typical Olive hue which gives the fungus its common name. If it wasn't for the microscope I would not have been confident in my identification.
Looking at the records it seems to be a much less recorded species, especially in Wales and the West.


  1. Nice 'oyster-shaped' fungi. I have seldom found this Pleurotus around here. What was the substrate? Panellus serotinus I have generally found along river banks (moist situations) usually on alder (what was yours on?). Lack of records means a lack of comptent recorders for fungi (me !).

    1. On a fallen log down in the bog - so yes, definitely a moist situation. Difficult to say with any certainty what the log was, but there is plenty of Alder there so a distinct possibility. The only other option would be Willow.