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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Another Jelly Fungus

Ascotremella faginea (no common name).

Most of the Jelly Fungi, like the Exidia species which Philip posted at the beginning of the week (as well as the common Tremella's such as Yellow Brain Fungus), carry their spores on Basidia - hence are members of the Basidiomycota.
However there are also a few Ascomycete Jelly Fungus such as this one, and the more common Purple Jelly Ascocoryne.
I have to confess this one led me a merry dance before I finally managed to work out what it was. Not least because it doesn't appear in most of the literature, including my copy of Dennis. The only reference to it appears in B&K's Fungi of Switzerland where it is described as a "rare species". If my experience is anything to go by, I would suggest "seldom recorded" is probably a better description.
It was growing on an old habitat pile which is mainly comprised of Oak, a fact which served to add to my confusion. On closer inspection I suspect that the log was a   Sycamore, which fits with some of the records on FRDBI.


  1. An excellent find and good 'detective work' at finding it's name.

  2. Nice one Tony. I wouldn't have stood a chance at identifying it and would probably have thrown it in the bin.