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Monday, 11 January 2016

Exidia recisa - Amber Jelly and Exidia nucleata - Crystal Brain.

 Winter is the time for 'jelly-fungi', particularly when we have had lots of lovely rain!
I find the best place to look for Exidia recisa, Amber Jelly, is on small branches of Willow at about head height.

 After much rain these fruiting-bodies get so waterlogged that they become translucent and droop, forming very odd shapes.  With dry weather they form a thin dark crust on the twig to swell out again after rain.
This is another jelly-fungus, Exidia nucleata, Crystal Brain which can be found on the wood of many broadleaf species --- this was on Sycamore.  It is often more translucent than this but a small white 'crystal' can just be seen on the right of the lower 'blob'.  the 'crystal' is made of calcium oxalate.  A rather similar exidia speciesis E thuretiana, White Brain, but this is white and more opaque.

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  1. very interesting article Philip. Enjoyed learning about this group which were originally thought to be the ancestral group for the Rust fungi