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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Scutellinia sp.

Found this tiny Scutellinia species growing on horse manure near Cynheidre.The largest cap was about 2mm. The spores were large, ellipsoid and smooth. From our key in the "resources" column it would seem to key out as S. setosa, but can't find much more info about it.


  1. I think you have a good find! There seem to be very few records for it and I couldn't see any for Wales.

  2. Tony, thanks for the links to the FRDBI and CATE2 databases. From there all the records for S. setosa seem to be on wood rather than horse manure!! Perhaps it is not Scutellinia after all but something like Cheilymenia, which seems to like manure - back to the drawing board!

  3. Nearly a Welsh first then Colin. You seem to have a good eye for eyelash fungi.