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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Auriscalpium vulgare

The Earpick Fungus

Walking through Pembrey Forest yesterday, came across these growing out of the litter on the forest floor.
Although they are clearly a Tooth Fungus, they are not related to any of the other (more common) Tooth Fungi. In fact they are fairly unique and unlikely to be confused with anything else.
These fb's are fairly mature and would have started off life much paler.
The name begs the question, is this an example of nominative determinism, did anyone ever use them in the way the common name suggests?
At around 1cm in diameter, they would certainly "fit". However I'm most certainly NOT about to try!
Looking in the usual sources, there are no records for them anywhere in West Wales - so a good find.


  1. A splendid find. No collections 'recorded'--- just once found in Pembrey Country Park date ? 1980's. I have hoped to find it again without success!

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    1. Think you need to go to the grey bar at the top and click on new post

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    1. Hi Stephanie
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