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Monday, 4 April 2016

Some Rusty Buttercups & a Mysterious Snowball Fight in the Woods!

Came across this little rust growing on Ranunculus ficaria

It is Uromyces dactylidis (no common name).

Nigel confirms ID and tells me that it is one of the first rusts to appear and a sign that spring has arrived!

Overnight these prominent white "Blobs" have appeared on several of the Hazel trees in the wood.

They are Reticularia (Enteridium) lycoperdon, the False Puffball.

They are actually a Myxomycete or Slime mould (Colin, I think you posted them a couple of years ago).
Just like real snowballs, they will soon lose their pristine white colour and turn a dirty yellowy brown.

On a non-fungus related note, the first Bluebells came into flower this weekend in the wood - perhaps Spring has actually arrived!

NB. Ranunculus ficaria has now been re-classified as Ficaria verna, so strictly speaking, no longer a Buttercup.


  1. Yes I remember the slime mould it had a very weird texture when you gave it a poke

  2. That is them! and they do look like Marshmallows but they are not soft, the casing is rock hard!