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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Unknown slime mould ?

 I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to what this is, but just had to post a picture as it was so amazing. I found this taking a walk in some woods near Abernant, from a distance I thought someone had stuck a chilli onto the end of a stick! (pictured in the garden as I had no camera!) The stick was beech and still had lots of life in it except the wound its growing out of. The other slime moulds of this colour I have seen all seem to form mainly in balls, so if anyone can enlighten me please do! I wonder if it will dull with time...


  1. Orange slime emerging from trees could be Fusicolla merismoides which feeds on the spring sap flux leaking from wounds.

    There are some pictures in this poster about the 'The International Tree Slime Project'

  2. That's interesting, yes the sap was pouring out of the wound. Thanks!

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  4. I have never seen this myself but was sent similar pictures last year (February) from Pembs. I did not know it but David Harries said 'slime flux' which seems to be a bacterial disorder (smells foul). I wonder if Fusicolla merismoides is the 'proper' name for this?