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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A discomycete needing a name.

 You might just make out reddish patches on upper left of this tractor track in Pembrey Country Park and a patch close to the fern on the right.  
The discs are up to 4mm in diameter, asci not blue with iodine.  Paraphyses straight and swollen to 7µ at tip with bright orange contents.  This goes blue/black in iodine.  Spores are smoothe 15x7-10µ.  I did not see any hairs on the outside of the cups. 
These are the same patch, photo taken on 26th May but seem more yellow ---- either due to the camera or possibly they became more red over the next five days.
I have not yet keyed this one out ---- any ideas?


  1. Have you considered Melastiza? Dennis (P.29 in my copy)says "paraphyses thickening at the tip which is filled with orange granules"

    1. Thanks Tony ---- all Melastiza have some ornament on spores, these are smoothe. Also with no very prominent 'oil-drops' in spores. I have keyed soil species as well as burnt ground sp but get nowhere!!

  2. I thought of a name ........ Meryl....... ? It's a nice name