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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Solitary Morel

Morchella esculenta
Possibly Gymnopus dryophilus?
Spent a couple of hours yesterday searching for morels in Pembrey Forest. Started well when I came across this  Morchella esculenta, but sadly this was to be the high spot as there was nothing else after.

In fact not many fungi of any description except a fair number of beige mushrooms which I took (not very scientifically!) to be Russet toughshanks ( Gymnopus dryophilus)


  1. Tony has suggested a Cavalier (Melanoleuca)for the beige mushroom rather than a toughshank, which is probably correct.

  2. I agree that more likely one of the Melanoleuca --- I have seen some but very slug damaged. Also saw a probable M esculenta but again slugs had eaten most of it (along track where Tony had found M.elata last year.