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Thursday, 9 June 2016

A big bracket....

A particularly large bracket fungus, found on a ancient oak stump just SE of the bridge of the Tywi at Llandovery (at the Cilycwm/Rhandirmwyn turning). I`d stopped there en route to do some moth trapping at the old lead mine at Rhandirmwyn. I have n`t bothered to i/d it (too tired -sorry!) but I`m posting for interest - I`m sure that someone will quickly name it. The grid ref etc (if anyone is collating records) is: `adjacent to Afon Tywi SN762348, I K Morgan 8.6.16.


  1. Would like to see the underside to be sure, but I'm pretty certain it's Grifola frondosa - Hen of the Woods.It's a white rot fungus that will eventually bring about the demise of the tree!
    Nice Photo!

  2. Thank you Tony. In the unlikely event that you`re passing that site, the tree is only a few steps (and is visible from) a small layby.

  3. Agree with Tony = Grifolia frondosa. At the base of a hardwood tree, probably Oak, radially wrinkled with a wavy margin.