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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Bolbitius reticulatus

Netted Fieldcap

I came across these walking through the wood last week.They were growing on a piece of fallen branch which was probably Oak.
Pink gills and growing on wood usually means only one thing, they are one of the Pluteus.
There around 20 different Spp of Pluteus and they are not always the easiest group to key out.
However when I started to investigate further I discovered that they had Brown (not pink) spores, so could not be a Pluteus Sp after all.
Looking through the literature got me nowhere, and only an inspired piece of detective work by Philip came up with the answer. 

The common name is less than helpful, they have neither a netted cap, nor are they found in a field!
In fact some of the information in one well known field guide told me they are an Autumn species found on calcareous sites (my wood is acidic)!!!!!

Still, got there in the end (mainly thanks to Philip).

There are only a couple of Welsh records for the species, so another nice find and another first for the wood.

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  1. A very nice find. I would have said a Pluteus but for spore colour. In the 1981 Phillips, he has a Pluteolus with 'rust' spores which seemed to fit. The name has changed from P.aleuriatus to Bolbitius reticulatus. I thought Bolbitius species grew in grass, B.vitellinus does but I now learn, a few on wood.