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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Coprinus micaceus

The Glistening Inkcap

The Glistening Inkcap is an extremely common species in the wood. However nearly all the specimens I find have lost their "glisteny bits", which, since they are the remains of the veil, soon disappear.

This seems to be a common problem as most of the pictures in the Field Guides also show specimens lacking their "glisteny bits".
The result is a fb which looks remarkably similar to a couple of other species of Inkcap.

So I was really pleased today to get a photo of some which actually live up to their name and show the "glisteny bits"!


  1. This is the only mushroom I recognise! Philip will probably tell me that it has got a new name when he comes home from sunny Pembrokeshire.... Sorry I missed you today. No change this end.

  2. Nice to see Glistening Inkcap as so few fungi about. Must be Carmarthenshire dew ---- dew,dew. Nigel right as now 'Coprinellus'!!!