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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Today in NBGW

Lactarius circellata

Not one of the most common of the Milkcaps, but often found under Hornbeam. 
And Trawscoed Wood is full of Hornbeam!

Leccinum scabrum

A member of the Bolete family, the genus is easily distinguished by the scaly stipe.

These rather disgusting "blobs" are the dried remains of a Myxomycete - Fuligo septica.

They are all over the straw bales which make up the maze.

Clavulina cinerea

This one actually has a common name - Grey Coral.
Another woodland species.

And finally - - -
I came across 18 different species today, most of which were in the woods. 


  1. A nice collection of species ---- a tiny piece of woodland but brings up interesting finds thanks to planted Hornbeam.

  2. Thanks Tony - the Clavulina cinerea fruits at the other end of the wood too, but I've never noticed it out so early (maybe I juyst haven't looked hard enough though).