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Sunday, 18 September 2016

At NBGW Trawscoed Woods today

In Trawscoed Woods today (not the fairy woods !) there were many fungi - the group of five had three Russula Brittlegills (Yellow cap,Dark Brown Cap and Mid grey Cap ). There are about 112 species to choose from and I would need at least 111 guesses ). Also some Hydnum refuscens or repandum but looking at Pat O'Reilly's book , I favour refuscens even tho' it is rare. I also saw some Amethyst Deceivers and some very large funnels. I hope these haven't peaked too soon for our Fungi Day - I could try Hiding em! :)


  1. A nice selection there Peter. I think the 2nd one in in top photo may be a Chantrelle as I saw a big group of them yesterday.

  2. I tried to look at 'gills' of the 'Chanterelle'--- these should be markedly forked but the 'false-chanterelle' are straight (not forked).
    A splendid Hydnum --- rufescens, I think. Look at First Nature, Pat O'reilly site or Google species name+ First Nature as he describes differences.