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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Possibly Flavoscypha cantharella in Pembrey Forest

Came across this "Ear-type" fungus in Pembrey yesterday. The spores were 11-13um x 5-6um and the asci tips did not turn blue in Iodine so looks like it could be Otidea onotica (Hare's Ear). But the asci however were too
short at 150um rather than 250um. Could it be another genus?

Not a lot more about, but did see a group of  Paxillus innvolutus (brown roll-rim) and a Hebeloma which is probably Hebeloma crustuliniforme (Poisonpie).


  1. I think the Otidea might be Flavoscypha (Otidea) cantharella which seems to have spores about same size as 'onotica' but asci= 150x10. I do not know this one! Have you got any left or is it in the bin? I have seen 'onotica' in Pembrey but not done microscopy so must be more thorough!

  2. Colin sent me fragments of this and it fits best with Otidea (Flavoscypha) cantharella. The Asci are 150-180ยต and paraphyses are slender and straight (not curved at tip or markedly swollen). There are just 25 records on FRDBI including one 1973 from Glam. It is a RDL, vulnerable, species. A pity the slugs got at it befor Colin got there!