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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

NBGW Waxcap

This waxcap was found at the NBGW in Cae Brwyn , on top of the small steep bank on the RHS just after the gate, The field was playing host to a herd of Welsh Black Cattle and a large flock of sheep so only a quick foray was possible. My limited knowledge suggests it may be a Golden Waxcap , Hygrocybe chlorophana but a second opinion is needed. The cap was about 3.5 to 4 inches . The stem appeared to be made up of three or four stems welded together and very fibrous. Any ideas?

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  1. Nice pictures Peter --- shows what is needed. Not 'chlorophana' but H.citrinovirens, Citrine Waxcap. This has a more conical cap and the gill attachment is more free than with Golden Wxcap. As you say, the stem seems made of several joined which is typical for Citrine Wxcap. There are several yellow waxcaps which I find confusing and not at all easy.