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Friday, 16 September 2016

Painting of Hebeloma radicosum --- Rooting Poison-pie

Following my Blog of 12th Sept ---- I found this info:

This splendid painting by a Japanese artist, Sake Takayama is from the 'Mycologist' vol 17 (3) 122-5, 2003.  This clearly shows the fungus growing from a 'latrine'.  It seems fruiting bodies might reappear at the same spot over many years ---- so must post the GPS details sometime!
The article in the Mycologist describes the study of flies using this species ---- the male fly perched on the cap to meet / mate with female flies attracted by the volatile organic substances of the fungus!  Cunning! 
I had noted the 'marzipan' smell also described as an almond smell.