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Friday, 2 September 2016

Some recent large tree-growing Fungi

A few large fungi growing on trees.
The first is Dryad's Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) -looks like a bracket fungus but is a polypore. Seen around Cwrt-y-Cadno. Pretty much a death sentence for a tree. A large healthy-looking sycamore near Cilsan Bridge was reduced to a skeleton in under a year. A Dryad by the way is a wood nymph . Its name is used again in the next fungus, an Oak bracket ( Inonotus dryadeus).  When young it exudes honey-looking drops, which is a good ID, but this one, near Trimsaran, looks past its best. These fungi attack the heartwood of a tree so not as serious as Dryad's Saddle. The last one, in Dynevor Park is a Southern Bracket ( Ganoderma australe). This fungus lives for many years, developing noticeable growing ridges on the upper surface. So although causes white rot it is not terminal in the medium term.

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  1. As Colin says, when young these weep brown globules ---- so much easier to identify.
    It seem the generic name is now Pseudoinonotus.