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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Fungus Foray at Pembrey last Sunday.

Over 25 people plus a dog ventured out  last Sunday on the Llanelli Naturalists annual fungus foray to Pembrey Woods . Again this year it was a very successful event as, even though we have had a very dry October, we didn't have to travel far to find a number of interesting species. In all we must have seen over 30 different fungi and a list will shortly be available once they have been sorted out.

Many thanks also to Stephanie Thomas who brought along a large colourful tray of fungi she had collected around the forest over the two days previous. This allowed everyone to have a "sniff", a taste and a poke around whilst Philip gave everyone an instructive chat on what to look out for before we set off.


  1. Had a fab time and as soon as I can work out how I will add a post with photos

  2. I loved your box of fungi Stephanie. A great idea. Keep trying to upload your photos.