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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Green Castle Woods on Saturday

Many thanks to Philip for organising a foray around Green Castle Woods on Saturday. This was the annual link up with the Wildlife Trust and over 20 people had turned up at 2.00pm to enjoy an afternoon's foraging. The weather has been unusually dry for a few weeks, which isn't good for fungi, and so there were very few large, photogenic mushrooms on show. However it did rain heavily in the morning, which helped us a bit, and there were plenty of pairs of eyes on the ground so we did end up with a sizeable haul.

In the end, before rain stop play about 4.00pm, we had gathered over 25 different species (Click here for a list.) - the more interesting perhaps were a Tawny grisette, Amanita fulva, a Stinkhorn egg which must have been the size of a tennis ball and another which had recently "hatched" and a tiny ballerina waxcap, Hygrocybe calyptiformis, which should have been living on the moorland rather than the middle of a wood.

Don't forget our Foray around Pembrey next Sunday - this time with Llanelli Nats.

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