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Friday, 14 October 2016

Dinefwr Park

Under a Yew tree at Dinefwr Park ,the cap was approx. 6-7 inches and had a soft feathery feel. It looked like a Lepiota but they  mostly have White or Cream gills .


  1. Hi Peter.
    It looks like an Agaricus of some sort

    1. Yes Colin I'm thinking along the same lines Agaricus augustus or subperonatus maybe ?

  2. Yes ---- brown/black gills (spores)so one of the agaricus --- but which one? Looking at Kibby it could be one of several --- having his monograph is good but frustrating as it tells you to look at several features (type of ring, base of stipe, colour change when cut etc). Another possible = A.impudicus (he says 'one of the commonest species growing in woodland). We live and learn!