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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Ynysdawela Nature Park, Upper Brynamman

Saw these whilst checking dormouse boxes today. If the group fancies visiting the site, which is a mixture of woodlands and meadows just let me know and I'm happy to meet people up there. I think it could be an interesting site for fungi. Isabel


  1. Hi Isabel
    I never knew that Ynysdawela Nature Park even existed must have a little snoop around there one day. Taking a stab at the fungi you found I would say Dead man's fingers ( Xylaria polymorpha, A pluteus, perhaps Goldleaf shield Pluteus romelii, and of course Lawyer's Wig, Coprinus comatus.

  2. Thanks Isabel ---- for some time have intended to visit this Park but not made it. Should be good. The Xylaria is white showing the conidial phase but don't see the perfect state so could be polymorpha or longipes (usually on Sycamore). Might have pink-spore tint to gills if Pluteus --- ??? one of the Mycena growing on wood ??galericulata.

  3. Please get in touch if you want to arrange a visit and/or want directions. Thanks for the IDs.