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Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Plea for Help

I've been giving one of the hedges at Cwmllwyd (on the N side of Mynydd Du)  a mighty thrashing: it was casting ever deeper shade over the vegetable plot and that's about the only piece of productive garden ground we've got here. There was lots of old and dead wood in the hedge and some of this was home to species unknown to me. I'm hoping someone will be able to identify some lichens and fungus for me. Most grateful if you are able to oblige. Thanks - Steve Clarke.

The twig was about the diameter of a blackboard chalk 

 This stick was about 25mm diameter

About the thickness of a pencil - tiny fruiting bodies!


  1. My "guess" is that the fungus - Crepidotus variabilis?

  2. Well the lovely Blue one is Cobalt Crust, Terana caerulea.

  3. Nice Ian ---- the bright blue is Cobalt Crust = Terana coerulea (older name Pulcherricium coerulem) and is relatively uncommon but widespread on old deciduous wood.
    The tiny sp is a Crepidotus either variabilis or cesatii ---- only spore sizes differ! Both are common but cesatii now thought more so (who gets microscope out for these?)

  4. Thanks very much, Gentlemen - really appreciated. Thanks to Ian M, too, for transferring my original post from Carms Moth and Butterfly Group blog, where it was somewhat out of place!