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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

At NBGW 31 Oct 2016

This was found at the NBGW at the start of the bridge leading to Cae Brwyn. The gills were white and crowded and the spore print was white. It also had a ring and a volva - Lepiota or Agaricus ? Dunno.


  1. White spores and the volva tend to suggest an Amanita.

    1. Thought it could be The Blusher -Amanita rubescens but gills remain white so ruled it out and the stem is quite white- but there are about 24 species in GB.

    2. It would be good to have a look at underneath ---- what are gill like /ring/volva as all these bits help with ID. Amanita inopinata is a possibility -- an introduced species found in parkland / gardens etc.

    3. If Amanita inopinata, Kibby has this in his monograph --- says 'mature gills turn a beautiful salmon-pink and shaggy grey-brown cap and stem make this unmistakeable'! Possibly from New Zealand and found in several southern counties of England.