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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Bolete under Larch

Among the dozens and dozens of Buttercaps, Rhodocollybia butyracea, in the larch plantation just north of Ffos Las I came across this rather drab mushroom about 5 cms across, which looked slightly different. Turning it over it had pores rather than gills. I thought it may be a polypore growing on a piece of buried wood but instead it turned out to be a Sticky bolete, Suillus viscidus, with its slimy cap and the remains of a partial veil. It would appear to be fairly uncommon in Wales.


  1. Wonderful! Before race track and before opencast working, pre 1980, I used to find it at this site. I also used to find Dendrocollybia racemosa (on old Lactarius deliciosus) in the same area. Must look again at this interesting site.

  2. Thanks Philip
    Yes there are acres of larch there to search through if you have the time.

  3. As you drop down the hill into Trimsaran there is a crossroads. Left will go to Penmynydd but turn right towards Five Roads. After a short while there is a bridleway on the left with just enough room to park by it. Walk down the lane and you will come to a right of way track with Black Hay Bales near it. The area in front of you is predominantly Larch. You can squeeze past the bales or wander down the track to the right and come in through a gate further on. In wet weather it can get muddy as the farmer drives his tractor to collect the bales.