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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Foray on Mynydd Ddu

Selection of fungi from Mynydd Ddu.

Last Sunday we ventured onto Mynydd Ddu searching for waxcaps and anything else that might turn up. Thankfully it was a nice sunny day as this is not the place to be if the weather turns against you. We met in the usual car-park on the winding road heading back to Llandeilo and did a circuit around.

Plenty to be seen especially Crimson Waxcap, Hygrocybe punicea, which seemed to cover the mountainside in some places - slightly off-colour now but must have looked super last week.

Caterpillar Club fungi growing out of the remains of some poor grub.

Had a fair haul in the end with over a dozen waxcaps, various corals, spindles, puffballs and an unusual inkcap,  plus a nice Caterpiller Club, expertly spotted by Di, which we dug up to see what he was eating.  Perhaps the best find of the day however was Linda finding the bag I had left on the mountain alongside  some photo opportunity or other, and thought was gone for good.

For a list of Fungi found please click here.

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  1. Nice list there Colin - this site always has a superb display of fungi, and must be the best site for grassland fungi in the county. I went up there again today - still lots out but becoming desiccated in the biting cold wind.