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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Great new find on Waun Las

Chuffed to hear that Trichoglossum walteri was recorded by David Mitchel on the Waun Las waxcap meadow on UK Fungus Day. David always sends me a full species list from his visits to Waun Las and he usually unearths a gem or two.
This makes it the 40th CHEG species recorded on this meadow i.e. fungi associated with well established, unfertilized pastures. And Trichoglossum walteri is one of the rarer species on the CHEG species. It's the first earth-tongue fungus formally recorded on this meadow although Penny David remembers seeing one there in the 1990s during one of her visits with Maurice Rotheroe.   

Sorry no picture but I've yet to see it. Anyone else got one?


  1. I do not have a photo but sure David Harries has as he has had this from his farm and several sites in Pembs. Would you like a photo?

  2. Yes please Philip. I'd like to do a small Garden blog about it and a photo would be a must. I am thinking of going to look for it this week - David Mitchel gave a very precise 8 figure grid ref. But it may have gone over by now of course.