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Monday, 28 November 2016

Two types of Bird's nest fungus.

The Bird's nest fungus that Peter saw a few weeks ago on the woodchip patch as you enter the National Botanic Gardens is still about. There is masses of it there. However on taking a few close-up pictures it would seem that there are two species there, all mixed up together.

Fluted Bird's Nest, Cyathus striatus, and Common Bird's nest Fungus, Crucibulum laeve

On the left we have the Fluted Bird's Nest, Cyathus striatus with its ribbed walls and on the right we have the Common Bird's nest Fungus, Crucibulum laeve, with the smooth interior. When you manage to knock a few spores off the "eggs", you will notice that these are also different as the Cyathus striatus spores are much larger.

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