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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Tuesday at the Botanical Gardens.

Last Tuesday it rained all morning so we all spent our time in the Great Glasshouse. Peter and I went for a stroll around the various flowerbeds to see if there were still any fungi about. There were a few largish groups that had collapsed into a mildewy mess but we found 4 that were still intact enough to photograph.

A large group of Collared Earthstars (Geastrum triplex) all in various stages of display, from completely closed through to completely open. A solitary Redlead Roundhead (Stropharia aurantiaca) grasping onto a piece of woodchip amongst the gravel.

We also had a rather nondescript mycena-type - there is a new book out now about Mycena, which would no doubt describe it perfectly! and the last which from it's spores, its gossamer-type veil and the nodules on the cap could be  Freckled Dapperling, Lepiota aspera.

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