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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Not sure if this will work but this is my first attempt at posting photos myself


  1. Great --- at last, try, try and try again! Now there will be no stopping you! Scarlet elf-cup --- I saw some a couple of days ago but need microscopy to tell which of two species. I presume 'Turkeytail' but the 'resupinate/paint-job' looks senile.

  2. There you are!!
    Next time you can click on the pictures to align them centre, left, right etc. and add captions, change size. It's quite fun as sometimes the pictures have a mind of their own and you end up chasing them around the page until you get them where you want them!
    All the best

  3. Well at least I managed to get photos on

  4. I've got an elf cup in my garden that started fruiting at Christmas. It's on a mossy log that I deliberately brought home a couple of years ago - part of my grand plan to create a fungarium (is that the right word?fungerry?) in my garden.

  5. I keep chasing photos but they never do what I want --- must try harder!
    Bruce, a 'fungarium' is an archive such as Kew keep with dried specimens (same as a herbarium for vascular plants). Your 'fungerry' sounds great --- like a shrubbery for shrubs.

  6. I also have a fungerry (like that word)
    Any samples I bring home go in my wood pile