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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hi, found this little waxcap on a patch of fairly improved patch of grass (within less improved field), which I thought was just H.pratensis but had a pink/peach spore print. Any ideas?

Cap: 20mm wide, dry, brown with paler edges and some striation at edges. Flat slightly umbonate. Gills: Paler brown, adnate, remote. Stem: 2mm x 25mm brown-tan paler at top


  1. Pink spore-print so not a 'waxcap' = Hygrocybe species. Must be one of the Entoloma= pinkgill fugi. There are few entoloma this colour. I have seen E serecium in past couple of days whichi is very common -- many look like this but few like yours. Spores should be angular shape. Was this the only sp --- if so keep take more pics (underside+gill attachment) and dry gently on a 'mild' radiator. Let me know! Philip

  2. Hi Laurence
    If you still have the spores bring them along to our Microscope session and perhaps we can see what they look like.