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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Orange Scarlet Elfcup?

At our microscope talk, Emily and Di brought along an orange-coloured Elf cup, which apart from growing a small branch looked for all the world like Aleuria aurantia, the orange peel fungus. (Emily/Di do you have a photo of it??). However looking at the spores etc it does show all the characteristics of Sarcocypha austriaca, the Scarlet Elf Cup: i.e truncated spores, measuring ~31x13 μm. nodule growth on some spores and curly rather than straight hairs on the outer surface. These are all shown below.

There doesn't seem to be much information about orange-coloured Sarcoscypha on the internet, have you seen any before Philip?


  1. I shall get the photos off the camera later, I'd gotten as far as to see the curly hairs and was pretty convinced it was the elf cup too. Wrong substrate and time of year really for some of the orange coloured cups. I cant see anything about them being that orange though either. Thanks Colin. Will post again later.

  2. This is a splendid find ---- last Tues I dug deep into my memory but did not reach the folder/file in time. Vague memories of a 'white' Elfcup. This is Sarcoscypha austriaca var lutea first described from Austria 1999 -- first UK record from N.Wales 27.2.2005 then N.Somerset in Jan 2008 and Denbeigh, n.Wales 2011. No other records I can see. I expect 'birders' would call this a 'leutistic' form.