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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pictures of the not so scarlet elf cup.

I added a red one for comparison...


  1. A splenid find for the time of year! This must be Aleuria aurantia = Orangepeel fungus. I have not looked at the 4,000 records on FRDBI but vast majority are Aug - Dec Very few from other months --- Jan, May + June.

  2. I should have looked at previous 'post' so would not have put my 'foot in it'!!!!
    Thanks Colin ---- the spores are those of Scarlet Elfcup. Value of microscopy! I wonder if everyone checks microscopy when collecting what seems an 'obvious' species? I don't, sorry.
    Thanks Colin for introducing us to the marvels of your microscope.

  3. With some red ones on the same stick, any idea why there were two such vividly orange ones? I've seen hundreds but none this colour before...