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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Polyporus brumalis

Winter polypore.


After a caving trip filled with amazing formations I found a group of these beauties on some fallen Ash branches just outside Llygad Llwchwr 2 cave (in a sink near the source of the river Loughor).
I always love finding Polypores, there is something great about turning a cap and stemmed fungus over and finding pores.
Pleased to say I even did the microscopy! Cylindrical to sausage shaped spores so not the uncommon Polyporus ciliatus.


  1. A great find ----- should be reasonably frequent at this time of year but not found by me for many years. Could be confused in the field with a few others --- unless careful look.
    Just looked up records and see it is now called --Lentinus brumalis ---- there is just one other, uncommon, species L.tigrinus, in this new genus. All due to DNA work and it seems these have various medicinal properties as transferred to new genus in 2010 --International Journal of Medicinal mushrooms 12(1):88 ---- ??suck it and see.

  2. Ooo interesting! Thanks Philip.