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Friday, 31 March 2017

Polyporus (Lentinus) brumalis ---- Winter Polypore

Lentinus (Polyporus) brumalis --- Winter Polypore --- Emily put this species on the Blog on 14th March when I said I had not seen this for some years!  I have just seen that it has changed its name --- just to confuse us further.  These were in Pembrey CP on a fallen bit of Birch. This was pictured yesterday but seen on same bit of wood two weeks ago (day after Emily saw her ones). 

A very similar looking polypore is Polyporus leptocephalus ---- Blackleg Polypore --- shown below which were photographed by Paul Aubrey (the recently appointed warden at Pembrey CP and saltings who is mainly a 'bird' man but looks at everything) on Willow which is the most common host.  The english name 'blackleg'  is obvious but the black can be just the base of stipe (foot) or all the way up.  The cap surface of these polypore (and many other) species get browsed by slugs, snais and beetles so cap colour has completely gone.

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