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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sarcoscypha austriaca var lutea

Just an update on Emily's “not so Scarlet Elf Cup”, found in Di's wood near Llanllwch.

Phillip has checked over previous issues of “Field Mycology” and notes:

“This is a splendid find ---- last Tues I dug deep into my memory but did not reach the folder/file in time. Vague memories of a 'white' Elfcup. This is Sarcoscypha austriaca var lutea first described from Austria 1999 -- first UK record from N.Wales 27.2.2005 then N.Somerset in Jan 2008 and Denbeigh, n.Wales 2011. No other records I can see. I expect 'birders' would call this a 'leutistic' form as it seems to be a lack of certain chemical pigments (carotein etc) that would give the 'scarlet' colour otherwise just like a 'normal' fb. ”.

Philip has the relevant volumes of “Field Mycology”, should you be interested, and well done to Emily and Di.

I have put the species name in the post title above and have listed the photos again below - in case anyone out there in cyberspace should be looking for examples.

The Orange and Scarlet forms together.


  1. So was this the 'orange' looking elf cup that Emily and Di brought along last week? Great detective work from Philip that.

  2. And I should have said thank you so much for so openly sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm for microscopy last week Colin. I know I learnt from you and I look forward to seeing more beautiful spore prints, and hearing about new discoveries like this, based on microscopical analysis.

  3. Thanks for bringing it all together here Colin.