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Friday, 30 June 2017

At the end of May I found this clump of fungi on a mulch pile at the Botanic Garden. The brown spores, shape and ring made me look through the Agaricus pages of the ID books but it made my head spin. Then a couple of weeks ago the BMS Facebook page featured a few sightings of the  mulch-loving Agrocybe rivulosa across the UK. It certainly looks very similar to the fruiting

body I photographed and Peter Williams has copies of the spores to check. Has anyone recorded this before?



  1. Interesting! First Nature has a nice bit and various other websites. Only described in 2003 by a Dutch mycologist and first UK record 2004 --- since then spread over the country. English name 'Wrinkled Field-cap' so do yours have a wrinkled cap? Gills seem fairly crowded and it has a pendulous ring. This must be it --expect it to dominate the wood-chip in the garden --- but hope it does not out-compete the other nice things.

  2. Thank you Philip. Yes, it was distinctly wrinkled. I'll keep a sharp eye for it - I'm enjoying looking for mulch fungi.