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Thursday, 29 June 2017

I believe I may have finally worked out how to use the blog with my phone so here are a few from Pembrey this week - very dry but a couple of finds at last although I do like Nigel Stringer I don't think I can keep looking for rusts it's not fulfilling enough for me but I did find the Honeysuckle rust he has failed to find in  carmarthenshire In 20 years


  1. Can't do 'big stuff' Steph and too old to walk vast distances. Hence park car and walk about 10 yards but only in dry weather....... yes.. rusting is for Whimps !

  2. I wonder if Stephanie has any names for this nice lot. I will attempt --
    1) a Stropharia sp possibly -- but cap seems cracked. 2) looks Bovista-like but ??? 3,5) a nice Russula sp. slugs have feasted! 4)Marasmius androsaceus Horsehair fungus poss. 6-8)a poroid on conifer jagged edge to pores ? an Antrodia (ramentacea?).9-10) fascinating 'oyster-shaped' and pinkish colour --wish I knew. 11-14) Polyporus possibly durus (badius). 15,16)Marasmius rotula poss (cann't see gill attachment - if like a wheel). Slime mould Stemonitis (see Emily's Blog).19-20)I wish I had some idea --fascinating.