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Monday, 26 June 2017

Botanic Garden ---- June

During the past two months very few fungal fruiting bodies have been seen as it has been so dry.  However in Trawscoed wood there were a few.

A few of these greenish Russula --- all eaten by slugs.  I have not looked propersly so might be one of several ---  R aeruginea is the most likely,  generally with Birch or R virescens with Beech, Oak.

The day was dull with drizzle so light was very poor for photographs ---- plenty of these Marasmius rotula but the 'wheel-like' gill attachment does not show well in the photo.

On a rotten log were several clumps of a Polypore, presumably P squamosus although this usually has a much larger fruiting body.

Just a single Leccinum scabrum Brown Birch Bolete, again the slugs have been attacking this.

Very few fungi to find but good to see these in this small patch of wood.

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  1. I looked for these yesterday but couldn't see anything. I think the light was too gloomy! Polyporus squamosus has been fruitng nearby - on an old ash tree near Woods of the World. Must be its season.