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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Otidea onotica n---- Hare's Ear

After a long dry spell we have had some rain.  This cup fungus was at the Ashpits woodland between Burry Port and Pwll.  Three 'clumps' quite close together.  I have seen these here from time to time.  Much of this area had thinning of trees to 'improve biodiversity' but all this has done is increase light level to the ground so Bramble and Ivy dominate everything.
If wishing to visit this site, the best place to enter is by the Electricity sub-station (just down from the roundabout on the Llanelli side of Burry Port) and keeping to narrow paths on the left side.  I intend to add a 'post' about other finds in this area ---- Ashpits as the ground is composed of pulverised-fuel-ash from the former coal-fired power station.  The area closer to the sea has been 'improved' to make it a section of the Millenium Coast Park but the part 'inland', between Burry Port and Pwll, has mainly self-sown willow and birch.

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