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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sandbanks finds.

Sandbanks finds.

13/04/17- 06/06/17

It's been a bit quiet on here lately, apologies for not posting these sooner.
18/04/17 Hypholoma fasciculare.
(Sulphur Tuft)
18/04/17 Rust on Euonymus europaea
22/05/17 Laccaria laccata
 (The Deciever)
03/06/17 Fuligo septica
(Slime mould)
03/06/17 Stemonitis fusca
(Slime mould)
06/06/17 Polyporus sp?
06/06/17 Panaeolus sp?
06/06/17 Any ideas...?
22/05/17 Bolete sp.
18/04/18 Polyporus squamosus
(Dryads saddle)
13/04/17 Lycogala terrestre
(Wolfs milk slime mould)

03/06/17 Calocera cornea
(Small stagshorn)


  1. Emily -- glad you have been busy after a very dry spell. The small polyporus sp might be 'Blackfoot polypore' P leptocephalus. The Bolete is not easy -- can see red under cap but need several other bits. The ? 6/6/17 small orange ones in grass ?? a stropharia or Pholiota sp. Not much help ---- sorry. Will ask Nigel about rust on Spindle.

  2. Spot on with spindle rust. Well done.