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Friday, 30 June 2017

Sandbanks finds.

Some more recent finds.

14/06/17- Stemonitis fusca
(Unlike my last picture this is in its earlier pink stage)

09/06/17- Pluteus sp.
(Poss. Deer shield)
Pluteus cap.

09/06/17- Mycena rorida
Dripping bonnet, gloop and all!
09/06/17- Polyporus tuberaster
View of the pores. 

11/06/17- Mystery thingy?
12/06/17 - Mycena sp?
On bramble.

11/06/17 - Coprinus sp?
12/06/17 - Phallus impudicus.
Stinkhorn, flies and all!


  1. How wonderful. Love the flies on the stinkhorn.

  2. Excellent stuff after a 'dry-spell'. Nice to have developing Stemonitis --- how things change with age. 4) Mycena rorida --- one of the few 'large' fungi known to Nigel Stringer. 5/6)Polyporus tuberaster -- lovely pores going down stipe. The 'tuber' may be found if it grows on the ground (from wood) but not when on a branch (?). The Mycena -- is a small white one! 9)Inkcap may be Coprinopsis micaceus --glistening inkcap. 10) wonderful flies ---- I have never managed such a picture.