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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Amanita excelsa, Grey Spotted Amanita, or False Panthercap.

Found under pine trees near Pumpsaint. From various keys it would appear to be Amanita excelsa. Because the veil remnants on the cap are grey  this is called the False Panthercap, because in the rarer, true Panthercap, Amanita pantherina, the veil remnants are pure white.

There are also a number of variants and because it has virtually no bulb, it is slender and smells of radishes it could be Amanita excelsa var. excelsa.

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  1. That's it Colin -- Kibby says there are many 'forms' (need DNA to sort) and var spissa is squat and bulbous but -- var excelsa very tall and radicant without a bulb, which fits. Cap colour varies enormously. This rain might bring out some interesting things. Good hunting!