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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Green Castle Woods was my destination today and glad I went


  1. Hi Stephanie.
    Well done on the Hazel Gloves (Hypocreopsis rhododendri), I assume that the grid reference is where you found it - if we ever get organised we can make a note of that. The white mushroom at the top seems like a Milkcap (Lacterius)and the brackets seem a mixture of Blushing brackets (Daedaleopsis confragosa) and Lumpy brackets(Trametes gibbosa)- The Gluecrust Fungus (Hymenochaete corrugata)holding the hazel branches together is thought to be what the Hazel Gloves is assumed to feed on.
    The Boletes need careful examination to determine, and then only if your lucky and the only thing worse are the Russulas that you have. There are a few Russulas and they seem inpossible to ID (even though I bought G. Kibby's book!, I'm still no wiser.)
    The little yellow thing seems like a slime mould.
    Anyway seems like you had a busy day. Well done!

  2. A good outing -- was other half playing golf! Like Colin I will leave some eg.Russula sp.
    1,2 Russula sp 3, possibly Hymenochaete tabacina (or rubiginosa). H.tabacina is the species associated with Willow Gloves (Hypocreopsis lichenoides) see 28-33below . 4-10/old brackets - I wonder if on Oak, Daedalea quercina Oak mazegill. 12+30/ Marasmius androsaceus Horsehair parachute 13-16 a Russula 17-a Myxo? 18/ Hymenochaete corrugata Glue crust (see Hazel Gloves 28-33). 19/?Lactarius tabidus 20-25/? old Alder brackets Inonotus radiatus 26, russula sp 27, unknown 28-33,prob Hypocreopsis rhododendri Hazel gloves (see 18above) needs a 'finger' to do microscopy in case H.lichenoides. Will last a long time so with GPS should find again. First Nature has good page and 'Lost/Found' has page and would like info so Steph can let Brian Douglas know (or I can).34 Cramp Balls Daldinia concentrica 37,38 unknown 39,40 Crepidotus sp 41, small white Asco 42,Russula sp 43,44 ?Trametes gibbosa Lumpy Bracket 45, Scleroderma ?citrinum Earthball sp. A splendid lot after a quiel spell.

  3. Blimey. So many fungi. I must look harder.

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