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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hypomyces chrysospermus, The Bolete Eater!

After many weeks of fruitless searching I have finally come across a few mushrooms. In Troserch Woods yesterday there were a number of Beech Milkcaps, Lactarius blennius, Blushing Amanita, Amanita rubescens, Skullcap Dapperling, Leucocoprinus brebissonii, Suede Bolete, Boletus subtomentosus, and some other unidentifieds including a few russulas. 

Hypomyces chrysospermus, growing over a bolete mushroom.

Also came across this strange yellow mass that looked more like a slime mould than a fungus. It is quite common as I also found it around Furnace ponds the day before. At Furnace ponds it was completely white but gradually changed yellow over the next day. Hypomyces chrysospermus is a parasitic ascomycete that grows on boletes. Looking at the spores in the picture below, I thought there was contamination from something else as there were two sets of spores but states that: Spores vary between development stages. In white stage 10-30 x 5-12 µ, elliptical, smooth; in yellow stage 10-25 µ, round, warty; in final stage 25-30 x 5-6 µ, spindle-shaped, septate (with a separating wall). What a strange organism!


  1. Splendid Colin ---- I have never done microscopy when finding boletes covered in yellow stuff. Like much in mycology hypomyces is left to a few. Thanks for info about 'Mushroom ---- which I have not looked at before.

  2. spores look more appealing than the yellow gunge. I now like how the appearance of fungi in summer is consolation for rain.