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Thursday, 13 July 2017

More white Mushrooms on a woodchip pile.

Came across some more white mushrooms covering a woodchip pile today near to Dolaucothi Goldmines. At first thought they may have been Agrocybe-rivulosa, the same as Bruce's but they didn't have a ring and the spores were white rather than olive-brown. Look very much like a Melanoluca. Is there a variety of cavalier mushroom that likes to live on woodchips?


  1. Will need a think --- looks like a Melanoleuca and in one book has M.verrucipes on woodchip and this has a white cap but a very scaly stipe (seen once) so not this. Need a book giving fungi in various habitats!

  2. A gap (if rather niche) in the market for garden fungi, with a chapter on mulch. Nice spot Colin. I like the way they are fruiting in a curve, presumably mycelium fighting underneath trying to make a ring.