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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Sandbanks finds.

Some more from the sandbanks...3rd July 17.

Slime mould
Rust on Willow leaves
slime mould

Polyporus leptocephalus
Blackfoot polypore
Top view with black foot.

Two tiny specimens.
One on right had gills also, possibly coprinopsis?
Left ... any takers?

Russula sp.
Marasmius rotula.
Philip posted this recently, hopefully a better view of the collar.

Possible polypore sp.
 Got eaten before it really opened.
No black foot, or scales like tuberaster.

Scutellinia scutellata
Crepidotus sp.
From above.

Possible peziza sp?
No stem...
View of the pores. 
Postia subcaesia
Blueing bracket.

Polyporus tuberaster 
From above.

Possible Postia stiptica?
Bitter bracket.
It was dripping liquid and didn't blue on damage...


  1. Splendid lot! 1)Myxo sp 2)a Willow rust for Nigel 3)I have no clue 4,5)Polyporus as you say 6,7,8) tiny beasts a coprinopsis sp + something with nice ring on stipe 9) russula sp 10)a lovely wheel! 11,12)+20,21)Polyporus ---lovely shapes 13) a Scutellinia sp 14,15) Crepidotus sp (need microscopy toknow more) 16,17) could this be a developing Jelly Ear, Auricularia as it looks more like a 'jelly-fungus' than Peziza to me 18,19,21,22) Postia --well done as I leave these alone. A nice variety of genera.

  2. Where are people finding all these fungi from? I'm looking around but can't seem to find anything! Well done Emily.

  3. Willow rust is Melampsora larici-elites. Very common. Good record.

  4. Sorry - keep forgetting about Autocorrect on this American rubbish tablet. Correct name of the rust is Melampsora larici-epitea.

  5. I especially like the Polyporus tuberaster