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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Waxcap Hygrocybe Conica (I think ,unless it is nigrescens ) found on the grassed area around the Great Glasshouse today. Some books say edible but not good and others say 'slightly poisonous' (you could be slightly dead ?)


  1. Good to see Waxcaps are waking up for autumn --- keep you busy. Yes, H.conica as 'nigrescens' is no longer considered valid (just an ancient 'conica'). Quite early for this I think ---- bit of rain after long dry spell often good for fruiting of fungi.

  2. Whereabouts on the Great Glasshouse Peter? I'll have a look tomorrow.

    1. On the grass edge of the glasshouse approximately halfway between the two entrances. I should be there from 11.00 onwards= I'll keep an eye out.